“We tried other systems but tacutext has worked best for us. I can highly recommended it to any school.”
Lorna Heslan, Headmistress, St Micheal’s Junior School Ballsbridge.

The greenest messaging service there is: no paper, no photocopying, no transport.

  • Tacutext is free to the school because the "Standard Text" message cost is paid by the recipient.

  • Set up Group online and invite parets to join by filling in form or sending them an invitation text.
    - No computers
    - No phone lists
    - No admin
    - No contract

  • If a parent or guardian does not receive the message, you’ll be informed. tacutext is:
    - Private
    - Secure
    - Immediate
    - informing

  • One message from the school mobile to all parents associated with a class, team or group of any kind, simultaneously in seconds. And almost immediately know who didn’t get the message.