“I think it's a great system- easy to sign up to, message last week worked very well, nice to be sure the session was going ahead.”
S Early, Parent

Save the parent taxi…

  • No need for the inconvenience, not to mention cost, of a wasted car journey, petrol and time hanging about…

  • With tacutext you will receive a Standard text (varies with each operator, for example on O2 BillPay in June 2013 cost of Standard text is 9 cent) message on your mobile telling you that your son or daughter’s match or event has been:
    - cancelled
    - delayed
    - changed

  • The teacher, coach or leader in charge of the event will send you a message before you set-off. And for that reason alone it is efficient and very cost effective.

  • To activate tacutext just ask the coach to add youi to the group by either sending you an invititaion text or signing the opt in Form.

See SMSSOLUTIONS.ie for more information.