tacuText is a group message systtem where the recipient pays a small amount to receive the text message - thus ensure the group leader can afford to send messages.

It enables a school or coach or group leader to send an important or urgent message simultaneously to all others in the group via mobile phone. Event cancellations, delays or changes are notified directly to the participants in seconds. And that means no wasted journey’s, no wasted petrol, no time lost in traffic or hanging about. It’s safe, reliable, convenient and incredibly cost effective for all…

June 2013 news

Tacutext has partnered with SMSSolutions.ie to bring you a new, improved, service:

  1. 50% price reduction for Parents(Group Members pay One STANDRD text per message, down from 20cent)
  2. Enhanced Web Interface
  3. Improved message history


Simply Log in via the GroupOwner Log In Button using the same User ID and PIN as before.




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