“This is a simple service that works very well, the parents love it, and I can highly recommend it to any coach”
Larry Ryan Ranelagh, National School Coach.

One message to all team members, simultaneously.

  • If you are the coach, or group leader, then tacutext is free: no setup costs, no subscriptions and no contract. The receiver of your message pays just ONE STANDARD TEXT Message COST.

  • Send a team message via a secure web page whenever and wherever it’s necessary; from the pitch, clubhouse or even when stopped in a traffic jam...anywhere in fact.

  • For a parent to activate tacutext they ask you (as coach) to add them to the group by sending an Invitation to JOIN message/

  • As a coach or team-leader you can activate a team or group any time. But you can also deactivate it any time so you remain in control.

* Patent Applied For