2 Simple steps...

1. CREATE your group on FREESMS.ie free of charge.
2. Ask Players/Parents to JOIN by Signing the Standard "Opt in" Form OR add them yourself to relevent groups (name & number). Parent simply texts DOOR to 51444 to activate service.

Send messages to your group(s) anytime you need to.



No need for a mobile. For Schools use School Registration 51444 and start with your Roll Number

For non-school groups use this Non school Group Set Up

You may have as many groupNames as you like, so you may have a single group for the whole school or groups for each year/class.


2 ADD PARENTS to groups.

There are two ways to add parents to a 51444 group:

  1. Add them individually via the Individual tab- Under "ADD a NEW MEMBER"
  2. Members  then need to text DOOR to 51444 to activate their number.


  1. Get Parent to sign Form ( Parent does not need to send text to activate)  51444 Registration Form  
  2. Return to SMS Solutions ( Useful if doing a large group)
    Unit W10G
    Ladytown Business Park
    Naas, Co. Kildare.
    Phone: 00353 01 9020400
    Schooltext.ie will add and activate the numbers


Log in to SchoolText using the User ID and Password you choose in 1 and send messages.

If a user sends a STOP to 51444 all messages are stopped from ALL 51444 groups. Better for the school to remove them.
Members  would need to text  DOOR to 51444 to reactivate

Phone: 00353 01 9020400          info@schooltext.ie
User Guide for system is http://www.freesms.ie/Help.htm